Life and Relationship Disgn

I offer several unique coaching approaches to empower you: Life and relationship design. You can set up a free 30 minutes session to explore this further and see if it is what you are looking for. And see what others are saying about my coaching!

Life Design

Being fully alive requires a more conscious approach to living than we’re used to. Life design helps you bring choice back into your life by actively moving toward your vision of the world and your role(s) in it. It is a guided, iterative process to create an integrated and meaningful life that allows us to fully thrive. Based on the permaculture design process for gardens, we look at our life as a system whose parts function best when they support each other. After creating a vision, we take a look at how you can start living it by prioritizing what you do in alignment with that vision. I will guide you through successful implementation of your vision, with all its stops, turns, and challenges, so you don’t have to make your path by yourself.

I have outlined my life design process in this article.

Relationship Design

Relationship design helps you bring choice back into your relationships by creating a mosaic of support. Like life design, this is a guided, iterative process to create meaningful relationships. After investigating what needs we would like to meet with relationships, we develop a mosaic of the relationships you are already in, decide which to deepen, which to let go of, and which to add. I will be there as a guide as you explore your relational needs more deeply.

Relationship design emerged from the combination of my life design process and the singles empowerment work I do.


“From Rachel, I got both copious amounts of insight and support. Her stance around the people she coaches is one of openness and acceptance, coupled with helping people see what they might have missed on their own and providing structure, hand-rails even, for them to get themselves going in a direction of their choosing. I think that she’s really found an area of need in our difficult times. For me, the need was being able to think about my life more completely, ‘from higher up,’ and find tools that I could use to process big decisions and make them wisely, rather than being overwhelmed by them.” ~ Ben

How much do I charge?

Because of the reality of living in a mostly monetary world, I charge money for my 1-on-1 services. The rate is on a sliding fee scale: $75-150 per hour. I also offer life design sessions through the Bay Area Timebank, so if you find that money is a challenging way to pay, there are other options!

Sessions can be held in person, via phone, or an online tool like Skype, so some charges might apply such as phone or internet costs.

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